September 8th, 2007 by Meaghan Francella

Hi Everyone
Long time no talk. I am sorry I have been so terrible at keeping up with my blog. It has been a really busy last couple of months and only more to come the rest of the season. Had a rough month of August, missed a couple of cuts in a row and then didn’t get chosen for the Solheim Cup team. It was a big disapointment but I guess I wasn’t ready for it. I will be ready in 2 years!
Had a good final round in Springfield last week shooting a five under 67. A nice boost of confidence coming into this week. We are in Arkansas right now. The first round was delayed 4 and a half hours due to heavy rain and thunderstorms in the area. It was a waiting game all day. I finally teed off and shot a 2 over 74. My tee time today is 3:20 because the groups that didn’t finish their round yesterday had to play this morning and then they go right back out to play their second round. It will be a long day and an early morning tomorrow for me. I am suppossed to fly home tomorrow and will be home for 2 weeks! I am really looking forward to it! I can’t wait to get home and go to Poppys! I will be there first thing Monday morning if I do get home tomorrow night!
After my two weeks off I will go to Alabama, California and then I am going to Korea and Thailand for two events. It will be a long trip but I am very excited to go over there. After that I have the Tournament of Champions in Alabama the first week of November and I am still crossing my fingers that I will get into the ADT the week after. Just need to keep making money and move up on the money list.
Overall, it has been a great year so far and I am looking forward to a couple of weeks off to regroup. This traveling wears on you a little bit. Hope all is well with everyone. I will check back in soon.


off to europe

July 22nd, 2007 by Meaghan Francella

Hello everyone!

First i want to thank everyone for coming to the Match Play to support me. It meant so much to have everyone out there. I couldn’t believe everyone that came out to watch! It was incredible and was so nice to have so many people following. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. I really wish I had made it to the finals but I can take a positive away from this week. I had a great time playing in front of the crowd and enjoyed every minute of the week!
I am off to France tonight for the Evian Masters this week and then the following week I will be in Scotland playing in the Women’s British Open at The Old Course at St. Andrews. I plan on taking tons of pictures and I am really looking forward to going. My mom is coming with me and she is so excited. She has been packed since last Tuesday! I am going to have a long time with her in Europe! :)
You probably won’t hear from me for 2 weeks. I will not be home for 2 weeks so you may not hear from me for a bit. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Sunday and I will talk to you when I get home August 6th.

Thanks again to everyone who supported me this week.


Match Play

July 17th, 2007 by Meaghan Francella

Sorry it has been so long since I have written. It’s been a tough week for me. I played in Toledo last week and played ok the first two days but really struggled on the weekend. Just overall a rough week for me.
This week I have been waiting for all season. I am playing in the Match Play at Wykagyl in New Rochelle. Pretty excited I can sleep in my own bed this week! Also, it doesn’t hurt that I get to eat at Poppy’s every morning! My friend Lindsey Wright is staying at the house with me and she is from Australia so my dad is having fun trying to understand her accent! :)
The matches start on Thursday morning. I’m not sure what time I play yet but be sure to check out and come follow me!
Hope everyone had a great weekend.
See you soon!


Long Time No See..

July 3rd, 2007 by Meaghan Francella

Hey everyone!

Sorry it has been such a long time since I have written a post! It has been a tough couple of weeks for me. After the McDonalds LPGA Championship in Maryland I had my first experience flying on a private plane. It was something I will never forget! I don’t think I can fly commercial ever again after that experience. Shrimp coctail on the way down with some wine and cheese. Who doesn’t enjoy that!!! I got to sit in the cockpit for takeoff and landing which was the coolest thing I had ever experienced! I spent a day down in Daytona Beach for some meetings the LPGA asked me to attend so that was fun. After that was over I had to withdraw from the tournament in Rochester due to a nagging pulled muscle. I was extremely dissapointed because I got knocked out of the first half points for the ADT Championship in November. I will get in it for the second half but it just stunk because I had played such a great first half and didn’t get in. I needed those 2 weeks off to prepare for the US Women’s Open in Southern Pines, NC.
We all arrived in Southern Pines last Monday and rented a house across the street from the Pine Needles golf course where the open was being played. When we pulled in we realized our neighbor was Lorena Ochoa which was pretty cool. On Tuesday I woke up pretty stiff because of the pulled muscle I had and really didn’t know if I could last an entire 18 holes in the practice round. Ironically I was paired with Morgan Pressel and this years champion Cristie Kerr. It was a great time and we had a lot of laughs. I only could play 9 holes before I had to go to the trainer because I was in a lot of pain. The trainers sent me up to Raleigh to see a doctor to make sure my rib wasn’t broken. Turns out my ribs are all attached and not fractured so that was a good thing. For all of the doctors out there I have a strained oblique muscle under my 11th rib. It is quite painful and it was so bad the doctor decided to give me a cortizone shot there. It might have been the worst pain I have ever felt in my entire life. I woke up Wednesday morning feeling worse than the day before so I walked around the practice round and just chipped and putted. I didn’t hit one golf shot. I played with Angela Stanford and Brittany Lincicome. A little hesitant after I finished I didn’t know how I was going to feel when I woke up on Thursday morning. Luckily I teed off in the afternoon so my muscles were able to warm up a little bit. I got on the tee with Paula Creamer and MI Hyun Kim and made birdie on my first hole! It was a great feeling and was an awesome experience. There were so many people following our group. I thought it was because of me but it definitely was because of Paula. We had some unfortunate luck with the weather and had a couple of delays the next two days. I shot 76-78 and missed the cut in my first US Open. I was extremely dissapointed but another learning experience for me. We flew back yesterday and I will be at home practicing the rest of the week.
Sunday I leave for Toledo, Ohio where the next event is. I wasn’t going to play but decided I need to get back in a competitive rhythm. After the event in Toledo we have the World Match Play event at Wykagyl in New Rochelle, NY. Practically right in my backyard! Should be an exciting week!
Hope everyone is doing well. Sorry I haven’t checked in lately, I promise I will be better!


2nd Major Complete

June 10th, 2007 by Meaghan Francella

Hi Everyone

Well the second major of the year has just finished and I shot a final round of 2 under par and finished tied for 21st. Didn’t make enough putts today so that was the difference. The conditions were perfect today and the crowds were great! There were so many people there which made it even more fun to play.
Tomorrow I am headed to Daytona Beach for some meetings with the LPGA corporate sponsors. I will be back to my house on Tuesday evening! Looking forward to a relaxing week off before I head to Rochester, NY for the next event. Hoping to rest this rib muscle and get prepared to play in Rochester and then the US Open which is the week after that. I am looking forward to going to Poppy’s and enjoying my chocolate chip pancake each morning!
Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I will check in later in the week.


One More Day!

June 9th, 2007 by Meaghan Francella

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone is having a great week. My week so far has been a little stressful. I shot an opening round of even par which put me in pretty good position going into the second round. However, gave myself a little bit of a scare making the cut on the number at +3. I was a little discouraged coming into the third round but got to play with one of my closest friends, Meredith Duncan. We were the first group out and finished in 3 hours and 24 minutes. The rules officials loved us! I shot a 68 today and moved up from 70th place to a tie for 25th. I felt pretty good going into todays round and now going in with some major confidence for the final round tomorrow. I am hoping to make another run tomorrow and see where that will put me.
The week has been good so far and hopefully it will be better once tomorrow is over. Next week the tour has a week off which will be good for me. I am having a rib muscle problem. It is just a little sore so hopefully I can rest it next week and be feeling better for the next 2 events.
I will check in later. Thanks for following!


Another One Finished…

June 4th, 2007 by Meaghan Francella

Greetings from Baltimore, Maryland!

Hope everyone had a great weekend..Mine was actually pretty good. However, I did play in the pouring rain all day on Saturday but was able to shoot a 66 which moved me from a tie for 55th to a tie for 7th going into Sunday! I got paired with Paula Creamer and Becky Morgan and we had a tough time in the wind on Sunday. The wind was howling with gusts at about 30 mph. The conditions were pretty tough! I shot a 76 and finished in a tie for 14th place and took home another nice paycheck! I know mom I will take the phone bill next week!
After the round was over at 6pm I rushed to the Charleston airport to make my 7:55pm flight. Thank goodness it was delayed. Fortunately, there were about 20 players/caddies on the flight so we all hung out. Our connecting flight in Charlotte was delayed too so by the time we got to Baltimore it was close to midnight. Of course they are not full staffed at that time of the night so it took forever to get my luggage and rent the car. Lets just say I walked in my hotel room at 2:30 am took a quick shower and was in bed by 3am. It was a really long night but luckily I slept until about noon and got some rest.
This week marks the second major of the season, The McDonalds LPGA Championship which is being played at Bulle Rock. I went out to the course today and worked on my putting which needed a little bit of work after last week. Tomorrow I am in the pro am at 8:50am so it should be a good day! The golf course looks great from what I saw today so it is looking like a great week of golf.
We had a Michelle Wie sighting today. The Wie camp arrived, her parents, agent, caddy and David Leadbetter her swing coach. I guess her wrist is better for this weeks event. Off to dinner right now with Meredith Duncan, Kristy McPherson and Angela Stanford. Not real sure where we are going but I am starving! Hope everyone has a great week. I will check in later in the week.


Annika’s Event

May 30th, 2007 by Meaghan Francella

Hello from Charleston, SC!

Well it is scorching hot here this week. Wow I haven’t been in heat like this in a while. I have been working really hard on my game and especially on my putting. Need to make a lot of putts to win so that is what I am trying to do! The town here is so excited to have the tournament here. All the people at the event are so excited and there were so many spectators out at the course Mon, Tues and Wed! It is such a great atmosphere.
Today was the pro am and I played with a group of great guys! We had a lot of fun! On the first hole of the day I holed out from 130 yards for an eagle 2! It was a great start to the day! We ended up finishing at 12 under. On the last hole of the day we had to wait 5 minutes because there was a 7 foot alligator crossing the middle of the fairway! I thought it was going to pick my ball up. I stayed so far away because I am not a big fan of gators! They are scary but fascinating animals!
Tomorrow I have the afternoon tee time at 12:54. I have a nice group so it should be an enjoyable afternoon. I will try and find the shade as much as possible out there even though there is barely any out there!
Hope everyone is having a great week! I will check in again soon..


Off We Go!

May 27th, 2007 by Meaghan Francella

Hello everyone!
I hope everyone is having a fabulous week! I have been doing well this week. I went to Long Island on Wednesday and Thursday of this week and worked with my golf coach. I hit tons of balls so my hands were hurting pretty bad by Thursday afternoon. Friday I played golf and then relaxed the rest of the afternoon. Yesterday I spent the entire day cleaning my room. I sent 7 big trash bags to goodwill and 3 bags to the dumpster! I can finally see what color my carpet is now!!!
Its been a crazy last couple of months so to be able to come home and just chill out has been great! I went to Poppy’s everyday when I was home and ate my favorite a chocolate chip pancake with whipped cream of course!!!! Ate at all my favorite places and chilled out with my dogs! It has just been a relaxing week!
I am off tomorrow to Charleston, SC for the Ginn Tribute hosted by Annika. I am really looking forward to getting down there! It should be a great event. Annika is making her return after being out the last month with an injury and the LPGA is going to see the first look of Michelle Wie in 2007. The crowds should be large and it should be a great week.
I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day. I am going to a bbq at my “fake” relatives house tonight! :) You all know I didn’t mean it like that!
Until next time….


Tough Week

May 20th, 2007 by Meaghan Francella


First I would like to thank everyone who came to New Jersey to watch me play this week. I really appreciate all of the support you all have given me!
It was a tough week for me. Opened up with a 69 and then had a couple rough rounds after that. It was a tough week for me but it was another learning experience. I didn’t have my A game this week but tried to work with what I had.
I am not playing in the next event which is in Corning, NY. Instead I am going to take the week to work on my game in Long Island with my golf instructor, Tom Patri. Hopefully we can figure out a couple of things and fix some stuff that might have gone wrong this week.
Hope everyone has a great week. I know I will enjoy my week off!!!